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When Mike was 24 years old, he was working as a waiter and riding in the passenger seat of his car when the police stopped the driver. Minutes later, Mike was in handcuffs and charged with DWI. Because he didn’t earn enough money to afford an attorney, a couple of weeks later Mike hopped on a bus and rode downtown to speak with the public defender. The conversation was very short: the public defender wanted Mike to plead guilty to a reduced charge. Mike refused and left the office frustrated and angry. Eventually, because Mike insisted on trial, the charge was dismissed. And Mike became a lawyer.

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Mike’s vision is to fight like hell for defendants in misdemeanor and felony cases who aren’t broke enough to qualify for a public defender, but cannot (or do not want to) spend a ton of money on an attorney.

Mike knows how it feels to be in handcuffs. In fact, ask him: he knows how it feels to be beaten up by a pack of cops. Mike knows from experience that not every arrest is lawful or just. And Mike knows that regardless of how or why you were arrested, you have rights that must be protected. The police and prosecutors are going to do everything they can to convict you, and without a hard-nosed and determined lawyer, the system is going to take you in their teeth and chew you up. Mike is here to break the system’s teeth for you.

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